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Adding Collagen through food is not enough for your skin!

For October I would like you to say “Bonjour” to Collagen AND Hyaluronic syntheses as well as say a big Merci to a very good friend of ours, Miss Vitamin C!!

Our body naturally produces collagen and Hyaluronic acid. Yet both are declining as we are aging.

Adding more collagen through collagen-rich food sounds good, but might not be enough.

Whereas eating rich-Vitamin C food proves to be the helpful route to boosting collagen synthesis, AND is also critical for the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid. (If you want some food ideas, check out Alex Caspero, Instagram DelishKnowledge).

To reinforce results, and longevity of your skin, have regular facials enriched in collagen or Hyaluronic acid, such as the Glow or the Oxygen Facial that I have been performing for many years, with wonderful results!

So eat your fruits and vegetables and jump on the bed for a great facial.

Vegetalement Provence Discovery Facial

Come to discover Vegetalement Provence, a French natural plant base beauty line from the South of France.
To share this experience with you, I created a using only the Vegetalement Provence skincare line.
It’s a 30-minute voyage to the South of France, with a tiny price of $45.
You will be surrounded by camelia, lavender, honey, citrus, orange blossom…and so much more.
Why resist to this amazing offer!IMG_2645


I have to prepare you for your vacations, it’s time to get your facial and waxing appointment.


Whoop whoop, summer is here!
I have to prepare you for your vacations, it’s time to get your facial and waxing appointment.
You have to glow and feel good in your skin and body to travel!
I will be in Europe in July from the 1st to the 21st to visit my family and discover Italie.
We still have 3 weeks in June to make you feel amazing!